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Solar energy, solar water pumps, comunication and diesel generators

IMPAR is working in Guinea Bissau for over 25 years supplying and installing essential services in energy, water and communication. We install energy systems all over the country, islands included, having hundreds of solar pumps already installed. We sell and have maintenance contracts with diesel generators. We install radios VHF and HF, maritime GPS and Radars.



Come in and talk to our specialists and we will help you with your energy project for a school, office or water pumps.


Who are we

IMPAR is working in Guinea Bissau for over 25 years, in every part of the country.  We try to improve people´s lifes by supplying water, energy and communication. Our office is opend all year round, so your problem is not without a proper solution.

We only work with the best brands worldwide, so we can offer quality and warranty. In a region were the lack of maintenance and the proliferation of low quality materials affects the life of thousands of people, we in IMPAR prefer to keep a higher standard of work.


Solar water pumps

IMPAR is the official partner in Guinee Bissau for the German company Lorentz, expert in solar water pumps . We already have some hundreds of water pumps installed all over the country. From the small market in the island of Bubaque, to the whole city of Farim.

Solar electricity

Thru solar energy, IMPAR already made Universities, Radios or Hospitals work. From small power needs, like the office of a NGO to the complex hybrid system of a Hotel in the islands.

Diesel Generators

In this hot, wet, and dusty climate its fundamental to your business or in your home to do the right choice when buying your generator. We work together with factories in Portugal to supply you with the best international equipment’s, with quality assurance, soundproof and prepared for years of working in adverse conditions. We also have originals spare parts and we have maintenance teams, so you don’t have to worry about power failures.

Radios VHF and HF

Secure, fast and free communication between employees is essential to a company. From security companies were the employees can communicate between themselves and the main office immediately or at sea were boats can’t afford to be without mobile network to report emergency situations. Depending on your needs, radios can reach between 5/10 km to other countries or continents. IMPAR is working with quality assured Japanese brand ICOM for 25 years .

GPS and radars

In a country with 88 islands and countless rivers, with villages surrounded by forest and difficult to access natural parks, GPS systems or Radars are sometimes a fundamental question of safety. IMPAR is working with robust and reliable equipment’s from GARMIN.