Solar water pumps


We install solar water pumps all over the country and for whatever need you have.. No need for fuel or electricity, just the sun. In villages for drinking water, agriculture, to supply a whole city or simply your domestic use. We are official parteners of german brand Lorentz and we give warranty to all pumps installed by us.

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Solar pumps of small and medium m3

Ideal until 50m3 day, connected to a deposit to store water for the night time.
Can be used to supply water to homes, small villages, or agriculture porposes.
We have several pump models, each with its pourpose, depth, M3
IMPAR togheter with Lorentz created specialized teams in installing, maintnance and repair of any malfuntion in your pump.

electroBombas solares de grande capacidade

We install large water pumps that can go untill +1000m3/day
Ideal for supplying a city, large villages with potable water or large agriculture solutions like rice fields, etc.
With no fuel costs, this pumps can operate for years and years with almost no man instervention.
This pumps already come with 3G connection, so in case of need you can monitor and controll them from around the world




The use of solar pumps allow its use in remote areas, with no acess to electricity or fuel. And because they are sun operated, they have no carbon emissions caused by generators.

The use of solar pumps togheter with water tanks in communities allow them to have water 24h/day with no need to haul water from wells in the middle of the night.